November 19, 2020

MyDomaine: 12 Soothing Blue Living Room Ideas We Can’t Wait to Try

Karen B. Wolf Interiors was Featured in MyDomaine Article, “12 Soothing Blue Living Room Ideas We Can’t Wait to Try”

“Is there anything the color blue can’t make better? (If there is, we haven’t heard of it). It’s no secret that this soothing, serene color is one of our favorites, but we still find ourselves awed by the incredible range it can have—from deep and grounding sapphire, to light and airy robin’s egg, and even iconic shades like Tiffany Box or Yves Klein blue”

We love a big, bold statement color as much as anybody, but sometimes, a barely-there hue is what you need. This living room turns down the volume on blue, opting for a subdued shade that is calm incarnate. This clever trick allows for decor to speak out in other ways: a cool zebra-print coffee table, bolt wall art, and bright punches of citron yellow scattered around the space.

Article by Emily Bihl

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