May 28, 2019

Karen B Wolf Interiors Teams up with George to the Rescue


A community rallies for a grieving family in Union, NJ after a loving husband and father’s tragic Thanksgiving passing.

George from George to the Rescue, teams up with interior designer, Karen B. Wolf to create a new space for family: Danielle, the homeowner; Victoria, the daughter; and Harrison, the son.

Karen helped design Harrison’s room in a nautical theme to honor his dad’s love of fishing and the water. Balancing the textures of the wood wall, with textured rug, bringing all the colors together, Karen designed a clean cottage feel for the boy’s bedroom. She incorporated Harrison’s love of gaming, and memories of his father.

Karen also designed what she coined as a “she-space” as an oasis for the two women in the family. She created a glam, refreshing, and soothing room that works for a mom and daughter. The space is is both luxurious and functional allowing them to spend time together.

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