When I was 5 years old, I painted my mother’s kitchen. While she was asleep (It was the 70’s, remember latchkey kids? No parent ever woke up early.) I took tubes of paint, got up on a stepstool, and painted every inch of that kitchen every color. It was one of my first memorable moments. My mother’s reaction went from horror, to amused, to appreciation…and it led me to a path in the arts and interior design.

That joy of color, love of texture and the desire for free expression has defined my creative decisions throughout many industries. Trend forecaster. Celebrity product developer. On-Air Talent Coach for QVC and HSN. Strategic marketing. And then of course, the biggest product development project of a lifetime: raising twins.

It’s been 10 years since starting Karen B Wolf Interiors. 10 years of great opportunities. 10 years of gratifying work, and many more years before this on a creative journey that’s brought me here. Thanks for visiting our website, we love what we do and we hope it shows.