January 31, 2020

Interior Designers Share Their Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Karen B. Wolf Interiors was featured on Forbes

By Amanda Lauren

January 30, 2020

Karen B. Wolf, Karen B. Wolf Interiors notes that flooring is often an afterthought in renovations but that doesn’t mean it should be.

“While wood is the number one flooring choice for kitchens today, tile should not be overlooked, most kitchen remodeling contractors agree that tile gives kitchen renovations a great look” she says.

Tile has some advantages over wood for kitchen flooring, Wolf explains. “When your dishwasher overflows or the garbage disposal has a back-up, tile will handle the water. With radiant heat becoming more economical, tile is now a cozy selection. Also, tile can solve matching wood issues. With natural wood and driftwood on-trend in today’s kitchens, the floor needs to blend or match to the wood cabinetry selections. Tiling your floor is a great way to enable multiple tones and materials to work together.”

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